The Tower Raising - Part Two

How often do the plans work out?  This time it did. First, I had LOTS of help I could not have done this alone.  After NAB - Gordon, Barry & Mim, Chuck (Charlie) & Nancy all came to Cave Creek for the post NAB “relax” - Little did they know how much work I had for them.  Final assembly of the SteppIR needed to be done outside. (To big to fit in the garage).  Saturday, Bob brought back the Bobcat and we attached the tower to the base. Over the next two days we installed the rotor and and all the other parts.  The boom length of the SteppIR is 16 feet.  So we built a BIG sawhorse, that the tower could “rest” on - with the mast 8 feet 6 inches above the ground.  The lifting fixture cranked it up and we rested the tower on it.  The next step was to simply lift the antenna vertical, walk it over to the mast and lean it back so it was 90 degrees to the mast.  It worked, see the movies.

After that we tied the coax and control lines into the house, through the BIG grounding rods.  The first contact was tonight April 27.

© 2016 Bob Ross