Radio Op's from AZ - April 2013

I'm now back in the real world, in the end I had a hundred contacts or so. Not continuous operations, just a few hours a day.  Conditions we good.  In the end, I worked 11 states, 2 providences in Canada, Puerto Rico, 16 different countries and through a huge pile up 5WOM in Samoa!!



Hi all you Ham radio operators.

Along with several couples Liz and I rented a beautiful house in New River AZ.  Barry (KC6WVC) brought along his Icom 756 Pro III, I brought my FT-450D - and it was off to the races!!

Ham setup HDR3

The operating position had no view at all!!  We setup my Buddipole on both 10 and 15 meters. We also used several Par EndFedZ® Antennas for 20/40, and 17 Meters.  They work great for this kind of operation. 


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