My New TS-990S - New House = New RIG

Pictures below. 

A real tower is in the future but I needed something now.  It’s aluminum 50 pole from DX Engineering - extended 36 feet or so.  I had my “guy” dig a hole big enough for a 5 gallon bucket. We filled it with concrete and set the first tower section in it.  To that with a pulley is a Alpha Delta 40 thru 10 meter dipole as a inverted vee.  

I punched a hole in the wall, put in a 3 inch PVC pipe to get cables into the new ham shack.  Also mounted, on the wall, but not used yet, a box to contain the lighting arresters.  

The one screwup, my “guy” when they went to drive in the 8 foot ground rod, found the water supply line for the swimming pool - BOY was there a lot of water!!


It’s a beast - 55 pounds after you get it out of the box!  The main tuning knob feels like 10 of those pounds are behind the panel - on the shaft with a zillion ball bearings - SMOOTH. The two displays are CRISP and bright.  

I did manage to decode PSK and RTTY - but I did not have a keyboard to work those modes.  I did make one SSB contact - Toronto. 

I can’t wait till I get back to the house in February.

Enjoy the pictures N2OML Bob

© 2016 Bob Ross