My New Truck and Radio!!

6 months ago I started looking for something beefier to tow the trailer to Oshkosh.  I charged several of my friends to find a 2006 or 07 Suburban or Expedition so we could fit 4 people and tow the trailer.  Just before the Dayton hamfest, Joe Mack said his doctor was selling his truck.  I looked at it and bought it on the spot.  

Its a 2008 Super Duty 6.4L twin turbo diesel with a super cab. Max towing is 12,000 pounds.  Hmmmm should not have a problem towing a 3000 pound trailer. BTW it weighs in at 8100 pounds!

Well because I was at Dayton - I needed a new HF rig for it, right? The truck was cheep, the radio install was not. The question became how the heck do I get all this installed, along with my travel schedule and still get the stuff ready for Oshkosh?? And, oh yea I needed to get titled and registered in NJ.  

Lucky Liz can take a joke as I have to work nights and weekends. 

So, what did I get? A ICOM 7000, Tarheel model 200 screwdriver antenna, and a 2

 Meter horizontal Omni for the roof. For the antenna I also bought the MT-12 side mount. The mounting system for the cab is from RAM, designed to hold a laptop computer. 

the pIctures are here

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