Arizona Tower Project - Part One

Building the antenna and tower delivery

Part two - Tower raising

When we bought the house in Cave Creek we made sure there were no CC&R’s and were actually in the very North East corner of Phoenix.  This all very good if you want to build a tower. Part two of the story here

Last April I started lining up the people I would need to help.  I found a concrete guy, Pedro, from E-Concrete. He has built foundations for several of the hams in the Phoenix area.  In May at the Hamvention I bought a 3 element Steppir with the 30/40 meter option.  That next step was to buy a tower.  I did not want a monster, maybe 50 feet or so.  I settled on a TMM-541SS - Collapsed it’s about 13 feet and 41 feet when up.  Total with a 10 foot mast is 45 feet to so.  Being lazy, I opted for the positive up and down motor assembly and a Yesau G-1000DXA rotor.

It took a while, lots of twists and turns. But, I HAVE A BUILDING PERMIT.  The only “extra” requirement was I needed a "geotechnical special inspection”  I guess they wanted to know if the 4 X 4 x 6 foot block of concrete would sink to China.  They brought a BIG truck in and drilled a 4 inch hole 30 feet deep.  I passed.

On the Friday of Easter weekend I started assembling the antenna - It took until Monday morning to build up all the parts.

It was then off to NAB for a week. See here for the tower getting vertical with the antenna on it

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